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If you're converting your tyres to tubeless heres a few tips how to do it:

-First make sure your tyres are tubeless compatible.

-Select a tubeless rim tape that's about 3mm wider than the inner width of your rim, to cater for the recessed rim bed.

-Start wrapping the tape either opposite or 1/4 way round the rim from the valve hole.
-Pull thectape tight and smooth it down with your finger to ensure there are no air bubbles so the tape is air tight.

-Wrap all the way round until you pass the start point and overlap by about 40mm. Cut the tape with scissors and completely flatten the end.

-Run the back of a tyre lever round the edges of the tape to flatten them into the hook of the rim.

-Pierce a small hole for the valve with a sharp pick then insert the valve. Fit the lock ring tight enough so it cant move freely, but not too tight that the rubber insert damages.

-Install one bead of the tyre and pour in 60-120ml of sealant (nearer 60ml for 26" tyres and nearer 120ml for wide 27.5/29" tyres).

-Install the other bead of the tyre, trying not to spill any sealant.

-Remove the valve core to make inflating easier, then inflate to a high pressure within the recommended range stated on the tyre with a compressor or blast chamber pump. Re-install the valve core quickly after.

-Shake the wheel to move the sealant around in the tyre to seal any gaps or holes.

-Adjust to your desired air pressure.


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