The new SID is out, bigger, lighter and better. What do you think?

2020 brings two models of the SID, the SL and the ultimate.

The lighter SID SL is a race focused fork with 32mm stanchions, the one piece carbon crown and steerer has now gone and makes way for a neat and precisely machined aluminium crown which actually weighs less than the previous carbon model!

On top of this they have also designed a completely new racing damper which comes in at 88grams, 98 less than the previous model. The new damper does have some limitations as the forks only come with a simple lockout lever (or additional remote) and rebound adjustment on the lower leg.

The SL Ultimate comes in at £779 and weighs just over 1300grams, you also have the option of the standard AL model which weighs in at 1468grams and will be priced at approx £650.

Next up is the burlier SID model which has 35mm stanchions (same as the Lyrik & Pike) plus a wider stance, with 120mm travel its enough for more UK trail centres and less XC orientated.  Like above the SID Ultimate comes with the upgraded race damper, keeping weight to a minimum and performance optimal.
The 1,537-gram SID Ultimate goes for £840, but £595 will get you the SID Select that uses the heavier Charger RL damper and weighs just 1,671-grams.

A great addition to the SID range which has been with Rockshox since 1998.
We hope to get a set on one of the bikes soon and get a full review up.


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