Custom Builds

Custom Builds

Since we started trading, we have become renowned for our excellent value custom builds. We have access to some of the best components on the market and can match them up with a suitable frame for the perfect bike of your choice.

All of our custom builds are built up from a frame only, this means every part can be individually chosen by you. Whether it be for value, comfort, weight or performance we can help. Not only will you benefit from a bike specifically made for you there is also the chance to make finer adjustments such as stem length, handlebar width etc. to ensure a perfect fit.

When purchasing a custom build from us you will also benefit from no labour charge or any hidden fees which means the price quoted is inclusive of everything from the building of the bike to delivery costs.

We can also help you reduce the overall cost by offering a used custom build service in which we can fit parts from either an ex-demo bike or any used bike that remains in noticeably great condition. This can range from a set of bars, wheels to forks but choosing these for your own custom build ensures an excellent specialised bike at even lower prices.